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Carrots with Personality   39 comments

We love carrots!

In addition to the health benefits of carrots, they also dazzle me. The carrots above look to be dancing under water.




Purple carrots are a garden novelty and taste great.


Lucca is a great little helper!







I found another neat carrot combo.




We have a few more carrots in the garden. I hope they bond before I harvest.


Enjoy your day!

August Outdoors   6 comments

August is one of my favorite months. The subtle changes from summer to fall seem to happen over night this year.


All the rain has made for neat fungi photos.




The mushroom aged over night.


I planted this swamp chestnut oak four years ago to find these pretty fellas enjoying a leafy lunch.


The tree will survive the leaf-eating freaks. I wonder what pretty flying creatures morph from the pic above into the next phase of its life journey?



My new plant try of this year is the goji berry plant/bush/vine. I am impressed with the ease of care and taste of fruit.


Enjoy your day!










Sweet Potato Wealth   6 comments

In the spring I had two large sweet potatoes left over from a friends garden that never found their way into some delicious meal. The potatoes made slips so I mounded up some dirt and planted them.

I decided this morning to see what action was going on beneath the soil. I laughed in delight when I unearthed my very first sweet potato!



I gathered around eight pounds of lovely sweet tasties. I added a little more soil and gave the plants some water.



I am may just bake a sweet potato pie today!



Enjoy your day!






Bug Play in the Garden   2 comments

While the neighbors are on vacation their garden grows. I have enjoyed the various sights and sweet tasty delights from helping tend the gardens over the past few weeks.

Enjoy your day

New Potatoes   6 comments

Yay new potatoes!!!

After fretting over the health of our first potato crop, I found about ten pounds of potatoes beneath the soil.  I am so proud to harvest our own potato crop. The second planting of potatoes will be equally exciting.

Enjoy your day!

Walk On Wednesday   Leave a comment

So many photos with not enough time to capture each.


The produce from the garden makes me smile. I love the green bean with purple stripes! A little bean cross-pollination happened.






Enjoy your day!


Garden Delights   Leave a comment

Our garden is hard at work!


  The summer medley of squash is bursting with blossoms. In a week or less we will be dining on grilled squash!



The cucumbers are making tiny cukes. 


  The grasshopper is one of my many little garden friends.



  The beans taste better than they look!



Enjoy your day!


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