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Petal Power: Sweet Scent   13 comments

The smell of spring wafts in the wind.    Smell that Smell: Sweet


Here are a few of the aromatic blossoms in our gardens.    Popping Azaleas 


Gentle beauty


Red tulips





Yellow center Tulip in Red




Lingering tulip blossom


Enjoy your day!






Fire Speak: Cold at Bay   18 comments

Seems that winter and spring have argued over which is in control. Winter wins the weekend!


The fire dance


Who does not enjoy the warmth and glow that a fireplace provides?


Cedar fire hole


I favor the photos taken without my flash. I rely on the light cast from the fire itself.


Fire pic with flash on




Fire without flash=prettier






Horned Blazing Cedar Log



Keep the flame burning



Flames erupt into warmth



Streaks oh fire


Stay warm my friends.


Enjoy your day!

Outside Friday   50 comments

Macon is warm for this time of year. Yesterday I found plenty of great photo ops.

Tree frogs in elephant ear plant

Cold will soon be here. While cutting back the elephant ear plants, I find a couple of tree frogs enjoying the last of the sunny weather.


Green tree frog

Tree frogs are common in this area. I still get excited to discover them!


Treefrog with yellow spots


After cutting back the large leaves of the elephant ear plant, I smell an unpleasant odor. Not wanting to step in poo, I scan the ground for the offending odor.


A Stinkhorn Mushroom


Instead of poo, I find a variety of a stinkhorn mushroom. The mushrooms excrete a stinkhorn slime for the attraction of flies.


Stinkhorn Mushroom











A large female praying mantis sits on a twig for a photo session.


Female Praying Mantis

Relax with a female praying mantis


Chillin' Praying Mantis


Sunning Praying Mantis

After harassing the poor female praying mantis, I finish my pics for the day on a sweet note.


Pink rose in the spotlight


Enjoy your day!




Pom Pom Cypress: Loves ice water   Leave a comment

A friend gave me a bedraggled pom-pom cypress in January 2012. After pruning off the dead parts the tree looked sad.


I decided to experiment. I started chilling water in the fridge and adding ice cubes to the top of the soil. My thinking is the roots will stay cool and happy.



The growth is slow. I see light blue tips beginning to peep out from the tree.





I am icing the pom-pom cypress early in the morning and watering with ice-cold water in the evening. I am completely going on instinct with this tree. Wish the pom-pom luck!





Enjoy your day!









Pom Pom Power: A Struggling Tree   28 comments

The Boulevard Cypress Pom Pom:   All the brown dead growth, I prune from the tree to help make sure health is regained. With lots of water and cold weather, the Pom Pom is destined to thrive. Once summer is in full-force, the Pom Pom will trade places with the two Plumeria Trees that live indoors during the cold months.

  As you can see, the Pom Pom tree is ready for some major pruning!

The “Charlie Brown” look is not so bad for a few months. Anytime we bring a new item of size into our living space, Roger acts a little possessive. He is a needy dog.

After a few days of working on the Pom Pom tree, the rain showers came in and helped wash the debris away stuck in the branches.

  With a few snips, the pruning is done. Now we watch… Enjoy your day!

Mr. Personality…   Leave a comment

 Yep. Jr. is the outspoken cat.  

 Jr. loves to get his tummy scratched.

Enjoy your day!

The Hot Seat   2 comments

Oh boy! If a couch could talk, the stories from the couch above could write a book. The beloved 40-year-old sofa has been audience to many an antic since its first proud owner. The circle is complete.  

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