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Friends Reconnect   22 comments



Since all of us could not be at the first memorial ride for our friend Jason A. Baines in Lexington, KY Sunday 11/11/12, we did the next best thing we could muster. Sarah and Winnie came to Macon to visit both us and Winnie’s family who happens to live in Macon.

I looked through over 10 years of photos to find the treasures of photographic history of our lives together. Now I must learn how to scan photos, which I am told is pretty simple.

The photos in this blog are from the Macon visit with Winnie and Sarah.


Sarah has badass bike skills and many medals in her pocket.










Now for the pictures that I should have a tripod for instead of all these photos. But it was still fun to try to remember which person needed to take which photo.







The bright spot in the recent gloom was the all too short but invigorating visit with long time friends.


Enjoy your day!



’42’ : A movie in the making with Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman   5 comments

How exciting being privy to a movie shot set in the 1940’s in downtown Macon, GA!
















The movie ’42’ starring Harrison Ford portraying Branch Rickey. The man who helped Jackie Robinson break not only sports history but help tear down racial barriers in America. The actor portraying Jackie Robinson is Chadwick Boseman.



I return the next afternoon to see if I could catch some of the filming. I get a thumbs up from one of the actors.





I am lucky enough to capture several photos of Chadwick Boseman portraying Jackie Robinson!














So I could no resist having a friend snap a pic of me with one of my favorite cars from the movie scenes filmed in downtown Macon, GA.










The movie ’42’ is set to open at the box offices next April.


Enjoy your day!



Downtown: Macon, Georgia   3 comments

Yesterday’s sunny weather provided ample opportunity for photo ops. Downtown Macon, Georgia is a photographer’s wonderland.

















Enjoy your day!



Community Roots: Let’s Grow!   2 comments

Today presented the perfect weather for a community grow and swap combined with the Beale’s Hill Community Garden at the Centenary Methodist Church in downtown Macon, GA.



       Fun was had by all. Enjoy your day!

2012 Grow and Swap   Leave a comment

I hope y’all are as excited as I am about this year’s Grow&Swap!  The date is Saturday April 14, 2012 from 9AM

until 11AM at the Beal’s Hill community garden next to the Centenary Methodist Church on the corner of Ash and College street.

Here are a few photos from last year’s G&S.

Any left over seeds or plants have a home in the Beal’s Hill community garden.  See you Saturday!

Enjoy your day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2012   Leave a comment

Thank you to Susan and Paul for a delightful St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  

Wonderful friends mixed with tasty food and soulful music equals a great party.       

And a grand time was had by all!

Enjoy your day!

Mag Tard in April 2011   Leave a comment

 In April 2011, we went to see our friends band. Mag Tard is the band’s name.  

I am sure if you live in and around Macon, you have heard these guys perform.















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