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Thankful Friends: Thanksgiving 2012   39 comments

To all those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all are still eating tasty left-overs.

Our small family of five will never forget Thanksgiving 2012!

Before I get to the always delightful Lucca photos let me share a few fall photos from our yard.



Now for precious, Lucca…

Lucca has an extensive marble collection.



Lucca is helping repair a lost track from her toy earth mover.





The next pic is of Uncle Andy cover monster!











Shortly after discovering Uncle Andy, it is time for a nap.


While she slept I could not resist the sweet angel face pics a few silly posed photos!




I hope everyone gets time to take a nap!

Enjoy your day!














A Saturday with Lucca   8 comments

Our friends daughter Lucca is an absolute delight. She is remarkably bright and simply beautiful.

After a tasty treat it is time for a snack before nap time.


She is too darn cute!






  Who can resist singing in the kitchen?



Back to a bit more playing before nappy time.



Lucca is quite the shop keeper.



After we finished our baking project it was time to read a little.

Me and Lucca try to sound like different animals. I just look plain funny!


Sadly the visit draws to and end but not without a few more sweet photos.





Lucca, you are the best hostess ever!




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