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Thankful Friends: Thanksgiving 2012   39 comments

To all those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all are still eating tasty left-overs.

Our small family of five will never forget Thanksgiving 2012!

Before I get to the always delightful Lucca photos let me share a few fall photos from our yard.



Now for precious, Lucca…

Lucca has an extensive marble collection.



Lucca is helping repair a lost track from her toy earth mover.





The next pic is of Uncle Andy cover monster!











Shortly after discovering Uncle Andy, it is time for a nap.


While she slept I could not resist the sweet angel face pics a few silly posed photos!




I hope everyone gets time to take a nap!

Enjoy your day!














Ever Seen A Stick Bug?   14 comments

Well now I have!

While working on a clients deck remodel I discovered a neat friend to photograph. There are over 50 varieties of stick bugs.

I need the wheel barrow to transport materials. I grab the closest twig and she or he quickly latched to it only to fall on a piece of decking scrap.

I am happy to have met this neat fellow.

Enjoy your day!

Ladybug & Butterfly   4 comments

Nature is all around us.


The morning rain waters our young poplar tree and the lady bug.



The white butterfly is beautiful.






Enjoy your day!


Welcome Home Brandi: Eight is Enough   10 comments

It is no secret that I love dogs.  Our  youngest boy Otis is happy to greet Brandi before the other six dogs get to make her acquaintance.

Brandi is ready to play chase with Otis.

Brandi is a terrific young pup!


Enjoy your day!

Kong vs. Otis   Leave a comment

Otis is a young strong chap with impressive jaw strength.

As with all bullies, he needs a durable fun toy.

The Kong never had a chance.




Enjoy your day!

8 Moppets Smiling   Leave a comment

I am proud of all eight of my nephews and nieces.    




Attention J.R.   1 comment

JR knows home is with us.

He is a brave cat. He knows our six rescue dogs are keenly interested in his presence!  And still he waits at the door…now that’s love.



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turtle neighbors   Leave a comment

Turtles are my favorite reptile. I startle an Eastern Box Turtle under our crabapple tree in the front yard.

 I notice the red-eyes of the brighter yellow male before realizing he is meeting a friend. The brown hued female box turtle is a few feet away hoping not to be discovered.

The Easter Box Turtle are omnivores. Insects(mainly worms and grubs), fruits, mushrooms(even poisonous) and berries make up the main diet for the shy reptiles.

Eastern Box Turtles live on average 25-30 years. These guys seek out an environment that offers water and plenty of forest land with significant underbrush.

The Eastern Box Turtle lives its entire life traveling within only a 200 meter diameter. I love having such quiet neighbors!

Once the pair realize they are not alone, both retreat to the safety of their shells. I carefully pick them up to get a closer look.

I cannot resist the photo-op.  JR is curious about the new neighbors.

After JR greets our newly discovered friends, I return them to the site under the crabapple tree to continue on with their day. I love nature!

math in color   10 comments

One of my genius friends is an active artist, educator, etc. The above photograph highlights twin Temari balls placed so one may imagine the angles that creates the colorful pattern. Her most recent book cover showcases the thread art of her creations combined with the love of math.


The remnants of silk kimonos often found their way to entertain children. By using the ‘good silk’ from the damaged clothing, mothers created new year gifts with the remnants of silk unsullied. Often, a wish for the intended child would be written on a slip of paper, folded up and wrapped in the core of the Temari ball.

Traditionally, Temari is given as a New Year’s gift/wish.The picture above shows the detail and thoughtfulness in her work with the photo focused with a hint the visual depth and texture in each piece of art.

The above photo is a melding of our colorful, creative expressions of art designed by planting the seed of wonder.

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photos for imagination shapshot   3 comments

As hurried as life may seem, my love of photography reminds me to exist in the moment. With the help of my camera, I see a bounty of opportunity for my photos to help describe a second in time appreciated and documented via my camera lenses. And then repeat this process with more boldness and confidence than the last photo challenge may have laid forth.

 These little worms grow quickly with a wealth of azaleas for growth hormones. For the past three years, I have watched the life cycle of the leaf-eating red and yellow furry devils.

Andy snags my camera without my knowledge. He managed to snap a pic of my clear disdain for water not used for consumption or grooming.

Preparing for an upcoming art show keeps me busy in the sewing studio.  Although, the rainbow in the morning’s light deems recognition reflecting upon our small umbrella closet.

The picture below is an example of the recycled fabric used to make a quilt top.

I hear the fabric calling.  Enjoy your day!The modest detail of the tiny fly on the daisy petal in the above picture is reason enough to grab a picture.


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