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Do Onions Make You Cry?   30 comments

Me just being me has all manner of experiments in various stages in my house and in our garden as well. Meet Mr. Onion Face!







So after 10 days of having my Mr. Onion Face on the counter, it was time to take farewell photos before the trip to the compost bin. Plus the gnats and smell is not very appealing.




The rotting tomatoes adds a little flair to the picture.






Time for the next phase for Mr. Onion Face. Let me introduce you to Seymour, our compost bin. Goodbye, dear friend.




Enjoy your day!

Love to swing?   45 comments



Since childhood I have loved the feeling of freedom that a swing provides. And now I have my very own! Thanks to a thoughtful hubby, I can swing in our backyard.


We found the perfect limb jutting out from an oak tree on which the swing is attached.




We had to go to three different locations to procure the end of the season swing.



I can barely contain my excitement!



Go out and play!


Enjoy your day!


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