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Japanese Persimmons: A Magical Fruit   43 comments

Yesterday I tasted my very first Japanese persimmon. ripe Japanese persimmon

This colorful fruit rules! I have never seen such large persimmons. You have to taste one of nature’s best desserts.


Flesh of the Japanese persimmon


The tree bows to the ripened persimmons.   Japanese persimmon tree laden with fruit

Plump ripe Japanese persimmon


The ants can have this persimmon for themselves.


Low hanging fruit: the Japanese persimmon


Thanks to our vet for sharing his bounty of yummy fruit! Dr. John you rock!  Persimmons ready to eat


Dr. John and his staff have a neat office pet that allows me a photo or two.


Our vet's office lizard pet

Lucky little lizard!


Enjoy your day!




Giving Tree: The Red Mulberry   10 comments

Mother Nature provides. 


The red mulberry tree in our yard is laden with fruit.

  The grass offers a cushion for the fruit upon descent. I carefully manuever around the yard to gather breakfast.




The mulberry tree is one of the top seven most-important plants for numerous birds species. I have witnessed birds fall out of the tree. The squirrels and rabbits enjoy the sweet fruit as well.





A cup of mulberries has only 60 calories. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins K and C, potassium, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, and potassium.




Enjoy your day!



Discover Daily: Nature   3 comments

 The towering mulberry tree in our front yard provides for various local animal’s daily nutrition. The photo above is of mulberries awaiting ripening.

    I have found that the fallen berries found lying in the grass are far more tasty than picking from the mulberry tree.

Enjoy your day!


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