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Japanese Persimmons: A Magical Fruit   43 comments

Yesterday I tasted my very first Japanese persimmon. ripe Japanese persimmon

This colorful fruit rules! I have never seen such large persimmons. You have to taste one of nature’s best desserts.


Flesh of the Japanese persimmon


The tree bows to the ripened persimmons.   Japanese persimmon tree laden with fruit

Plump ripe Japanese persimmon


The ants can have this persimmon for themselves.


Low hanging fruit: the Japanese persimmon


Thanks to our vet for sharing his bounty of yummy fruit! Dr. John you rock!  Persimmons ready to eat


Dr. John and his staff have a neat office pet that allows me a photo or two.


Our vet's office lizard pet

Lucky little lizard!


Enjoy your day!




Do Onions Make You Cry?   30 comments

Me just being me has all manner of experiments in various stages in my house and in our garden as well. Meet Mr. Onion Face!







So after 10 days of having my Mr. Onion Face on the counter, it was time to take farewell photos before the trip to the compost bin. Plus the gnats and smell is not very appealing.




The rotting tomatoes adds a little flair to the picture.






Time for the next phase for Mr. Onion Face. Let me introduce you to Seymour, our compost bin. Goodbye, dear friend.




Enjoy your day!

New Potatoes   6 comments

Yay new potatoes!!!

After fretting over the health of our first potato crop, I found about ten pounds of potatoes beneath the soil.  I am so proud to harvest our own potato crop. The second planting of potatoes will be equally exciting.

Enjoy your day!

Blackberries with Lizard   7 comments

Seems a lizard has the same plan for breakfast in the blackberry patch. I eat juicy berries. He chows down on some various bugs.






Enjoy your day!




Rain Wonder   Leave a comment

Rain makes everything spring better from the tiny seeds sprouting to the critters crawling. 


The garden is taking seed to root earlier than expected.             The baby spinach will soon be in a salad bowl.


The tomatoes are already blossoming.      

    The cherry tree provides ample food for the small flying guys.




The garden is on the grow! Jr is helping me decide where to plant the other veggies.



The blue hued caterpillars are a neat discovery!  Enjoy your day!





Wings Wonderful: Francar’s Buffalo Wings   Leave a comment

Whether you like them sweet, spicy or tear drop hot, Francar’s Buffalo Wings in the Mercer Village is a taste bud win for everyone.

  The menu offers a lot more than wings. The burgers are tasty. Don’t forget an order of corn nuggets.

I am fixated on Level Two sauces.

The decor echoes cheers for Mercer’s student body achievements throughout the years.

Drop in, take out or delivery a taste of wing delight awaits you. Enjoy your day!


Fireside Sunday Dinner   Leave a comment

Ummmm…Sunday dinner. What’s it going to be? Let’s start with a recipe from ” Joy Of Cooking” page 583. My version of the casserole-roasted chicken with forty cloves of garlic satisfied all four of us. This is a picture of a new recipe to me for red and sweet potato au gratin.   The foiled covered pan below is the garlic roasted chicken.

I round the meal out by opening some garden grown and canned peanut beans from my Mom’s garden and a bunch of sautéed spinach and buttered bread complete the meal. The fire is a nice addition to the lovely aromas wafting from the kitchen.

A fun evening indeed!





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