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Carrots with Personality   39 comments

We love carrots!

In addition to the health benefits of carrots, they also dazzle me. The carrots above look to be dancing under water.




Purple carrots are a garden novelty and taste great.


Lucca is a great little helper!







I found another neat carrot combo.




We have a few more carrots in the garden. I hope they bond before I harvest.


Enjoy your day!

New Potatoes   6 comments

Yay new potatoes!!!

After fretting over the health of our first potato crop, I found about ten pounds of potatoes beneath the soil.  I am so proud to harvest our own potato crop. The second planting of potatoes will be equally exciting.

Enjoy your day!

Outside Monday   8 comments

I love our garden. Our second planting of green beans and potatoes are popping out of the ground.

People say that rhubarb will not grow here due to the lack of a cold winter. I will hope for the best! 

The first tomato must have grown overnight. 

Now for some flowers and critter pics. 

I think I scared this fella.  

The rescued dwarf Japanese maple continues to amaze us. I am so glad we saved this 34-year-old tree.

One of my favorite trees is our young rescue tulip poplar. 

Can you find the butterfly?

Enjoy your day!

Lucky 7   9 comments

Say ‘hello’ to JR. 

The spitting image of Kitty Bob, our first cat.

JR is shy at first. A packet of tuna spread along top an oak log provides us the best opportunity to talk to our latest furry rescue. He sits with his back to us while inhaling the flakes of tuna. Below is one of the first pics of JR eating breakfast with us.

He is a tad shy still, but possesses real ‘cattitude’.  We love the new tabby! Cat energy is back.


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