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Sunbathing Lizard   Leave a comment

A sunny afternoon is the perfect time for this little lizard to catch some rays.

Sunshine Lizard

I spy a lizard!

Shy lizard

After only a few photographs, Mr. Lizard tires with all the attention. He retreats to his rock house.

Hidden Lizard

Enjoy your day!

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle   27 comments

Yet another new insect for me to photograph! Eastern Eyed Click Beetle


This impressive guy is one of the largest members of the click beetle family Elateridae!  Click Beetle



Walk this way:Click beetle



Click Beetle stare Mr. Beetle is not very happy with me snapping photos.



He decides to play dead for minute or two in hopes of me wonder on to the next picture.


Playing Possum: The Beetle Way



X marks the spot:eastern eyeed click bug



Mr Beetle  It’s off to the next photo-op!



Enjoy your day!



Time To Bug Out Photograghy: February   20 comments

Details matter. Nature’s attention to the insect world never ceases to delight.

Round Headed Boroers Larva

While chopping firewood, the strange-looking larvae start to drop from holes in the center of the hickory tree. The birds seem to relish in the special winter delicacy as if someone lifted the top off an aromatic pot of soup.

Winter housing busted for round headed borers larva

The hidden larva is from the Cerambycidae family. The Round Headed Borers larva is a new species for me to observe.

Hickory tree feeders:The Round Headed Borers larva

The orange spots add great color.

All sized Round Headed Borers larva   The various sizes do not matter to the birds. A tiny wren took flight and dropped the fatted larva food about five times before settling in to eat.

Looking through the larva tunnal

Enjoy your day!

Vapourer Moth: A Bright Male Caterpillar   28 comments

Yesterday I saw my first vapourer male moth hanging out on a rose-bush.


I think this is the ‘peacock’ of all male caterpillars that I have seen in my life to date.



A warning about the pretty vapourer moth is do not touch to your skin. The hairs can cause mild irritation to most people.


Nature never fails to amaze me.



Enjoy your day!


Eastern Box Turtle Busted: Enjoying a ripe tomato   35 comments

Turtles are on the top of my list of favorite reptiles. We have many turtles living all around our little spot called home and apparently they love tomatoes as much as I.


He does not look very pleased to have me taking his photo but I cannot help myself from capturing great pictures.




He hung around as I gathered the ripe or ripening tomatoes. He hissed a little when I picked him up for a photo. I returned him to dine on the best of the tomatoes in my garden.


Enjoy your day!





One Arm:Praying Mantis   26 comments

Well this is a first for me.

The praying mantis is a fascinating insect. I have seen many over the years but none with a missing appendage.

Thinking he or she may need some help acquiring dinner. I used tweezers to pick up ants to offer for food.

I should feel bad for the ants but they are so invasive and their bites hurt.

The next morning the praying mantis had migrated from atop our grill cover to the screen covering our dining room window.

This morning he is gone. Safe travels my friend.

Enjoy your day!

August Outdoors   6 comments

August is one of my favorite months. The subtle changes from summer to fall seem to happen over night this year.


All the rain has made for neat fungi photos.




The mushroom aged over night.


I planted this swamp chestnut oak four years ago to find these pretty fellas enjoying a leafy lunch.


The tree will survive the leaf-eating freaks. I wonder what pretty flying creatures morph from the pic above into the next phase of its life journey?



My new plant try of this year is the goji berry plant/bush/vine. I am impressed with the ease of care and taste of fruit.


Enjoy your day!











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