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Japanese Persimmons: A Magical Fruit   43 comments

Yesterday I tasted my very first Japanese persimmon. ripe Japanese persimmon

This colorful fruit rules! I have never seen such large persimmons. You have to taste one of nature’s best desserts.


Flesh of the Japanese persimmon


The tree bows to the ripened persimmons.   Japanese persimmon tree laden with fruit

Plump ripe Japanese persimmon


The ants can have this persimmon for themselves.


Low hanging fruit: the Japanese persimmon


Thanks to our vet for sharing his bounty of yummy fruit! Dr. John you rock!  Persimmons ready to eat


Dr. John and his staff have a neat office pet that allows me a photo or two.


Our vet's office lizard pet

Lucky little lizard!


Enjoy your day!




Eastern Box Turtle Busted: Enjoying a ripe tomato   35 comments

Turtles are on the top of my list of favorite reptiles. We have many turtles living all around our little spot called home and apparently they love tomatoes as much as I.


He does not look very pleased to have me taking his photo but I cannot help myself from capturing great pictures.




He hung around as I gathered the ripe or ripening tomatoes. He hissed a little when I picked him up for a photo. I returned him to dine on the best of the tomatoes in my garden.


Enjoy your day!





The Triplets: Deer Outback   3 comments

Although a bit fuzzy I managed to get a few photos of the young triplets through a window this morning.

Notice the little one resting in the meadow surely from gazing on to many fresh green acorns. The mama is down field to the right having her breakfast.

I decide to sneak a few shots outside.

The sounds of my camera plus our barking dogs do not make for a peaceful photo shoot. The young triplets take off in a flash with mom close behind.

Please overlook our pile of projects and enjoy sight of the deer family in action.

Enjoy your day!

Friday Outside   9 comments

Friday started with a rainy morning perfect for pictures.  


My irises are in full bloom. 



The smell of honey suckle lead me to this pic. 



   Enjoy your day!


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