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Dragon Heat:Up In Smoke   18 comments

The weather is indecisive this time of year luckily we have cured oak for firewood.

Great flames with oak wood

As I watch the fire taking shape, a dragon appears in the fire’s silhouette.

Dragon Warmth on Fire

Fire Dragon Blaze Hair/Eye Glow

Tonight we have a blazing fire to help heat our living space.

Burnin' Hot Wooden Dragon

Fire Dragon Warms House

Enjoy your day!

Petal Power: Sweet Scent   13 comments

The smell of spring wafts in the wind.    Smell that Smell: Sweet


Here are a few of the aromatic blossoms in our gardens.    Popping Azaleas 


Gentle beauty


Red tulips





Yellow center Tulip in Red




Lingering tulip blossom


Enjoy your day!






Color Splashes: Art from Art   36 comments

The painted chair is curing rapidly with the warm weather. Surveying the area I soon start finding the accidental art created from my project.

Art by accident:In color This is one of my favorite chair project by-product! The sun came out with perfect timing to capture the shadows from the grass blades.



Nature Painted Brightly

Paint splattered fun


Winter leaves in color  Layers of various paints make a beautiful fallen leaf brilliantly fun!


Colored by Art



Tiny Art: Big Color    I really like this small art piece!


Grounded Art with a Nut  Art on earth makes for great photos!



Paint Flow


I am still finding bits of art unexpected and have painted many leaves on this sunny January day. I am not sure what I will do with them other than enjoying the experience.


Enjoy your day!


Art Outdoors: Paint Fun   27 comments

As with most of my ideas/projects there is rarely an enforced timeline for completion. I started this painting project in December 2011.

Painted Wooden Fire Chair

I finished the majority of the painting this week.


Chainsaw Chair We use a large section from a fallen oak tree to cut the main body of the chair.


Fire Circle Wooden Chair The chair topper adds neat detail.


Paint layer on wooden chair  Day 1 of Chair Splash



Day 1 Paint Fun  Day 1 Bright Paint on Wood


Day 1 Blended Color  Day 2 Paint Fun


Day 2 Colorful Chair  Day 2 My Hand Print


Day 2 Rear Painted View  Day 2 Paint Lover


Now for some random fun paint shots.  Day 2 The Paint Falls


Day 2 Painted Scream on Chair    Day 2 Painted Groove with Texture

The most difficult part of this painting was keeping my hands clean as to not paint my camera during the two days of painting. I used all old paints that would have ended up in the landfill to brighten up our backyard!


Enjoy your day!

Carrots with Personality   39 comments

We love carrots!

In addition to the health benefits of carrots, they also dazzle me. The carrots above look to be dancing under water.




Purple carrots are a garden novelty and taste great.


Lucca is a great little helper!







I found another neat carrot combo.




We have a few more carrots in the garden. I hope they bond before I harvest.


Enjoy your day!

Textile art show:Threads of Art @ The 567   4 comments





Above are a few photos of my art work photos from the opening night. Below I will show a few of my friend Carolyn Yackel’s brilliance.



Thank you all for showing wonderful support Friday night! Remember The 567 Center for Renewal gallery hours are from 11AM-3PM Wed-Fri and by appointment as well. Have a great day! Thanks go to Melissa Macker for helping get the show ready! The show will be up unto November 25, 2011. Please stop in to check out our work.

photos for imagination shapshot   3 comments

As hurried as life may seem, my love of photography reminds me to exist in the moment. With the help of my camera, I see a bounty of opportunity for my photos to help describe a second in time appreciated and documented via my camera lenses. And then repeat this process with more boldness and confidence than the last photo challenge may have laid forth.

 These little worms grow quickly with a wealth of azaleas for growth hormones. For the past three years, I have watched the life cycle of the leaf-eating red and yellow furry devils.

Andy snags my camera without my knowledge. He managed to snap a pic of my clear disdain for water not used for consumption or grooming.

Preparing for an upcoming art show keeps me busy in the sewing studio.  Although, the rainbow in the morning’s light deems recognition reflecting upon our small umbrella closet.

The picture below is an example of the recycled fabric used to make a quilt top.

I hear the fabric calling.  Enjoy your day!The modest detail of the tiny fly on the daisy petal in the above picture is reason enough to grab a picture.


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