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Why Are Little Bees Getting So Much Attention?   1 comment


Bees deserve respect and care from us humans! They care for us far more than thought is given to the bees themselves.

Originally posted on Keeping Our World Green:

Honey_bee_(Apis_mellifera)Bees have to be among the most misunderstood creatures on earth. People either love them or hate them. We all know that they make honey, and we know something of their social behavior, especially how they retaliate when agitated.

Some people, especially those who are allergic to bee stings, avoid these buzzing bugs at all cost. Others raise them for the honey and still others study them scientifically. As the scientists gather more information on bees and their contributions to society, we are hearing more and more about how these creatures contribute to our well being. The scientists have also released information on the dwindling number of bees and the possible causes of their demise.

The bees’ plight even made Time Magazine. The August 19, 2013 issue carried a story entitled, “A World Without Bees: The price we’ll pay if we don’t figure out what’s killing the honeybee.”

Scientists do…

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Pulpit theater   Leave a comment


As a small child, I was encouraged to eat the bulb/root of a Jack-in-the-pulpit by my grandfather and father. Pain for days and no understanding of why they both were so cruel.

Originally posted on parkpaths:

Two-tiered testimonial

Two-tiered testimony

These young Jack-in-the-pulpit plants (Arisaema triphyllum) were growing like a double-decker dais for delivering wildflowery speeches.

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Swans   1 comment

Originally posted on Father Jerabek's Blog:

Today seems like a good day for a nice photo. Here are some swans that I saw in the beautiful town of Bruges, Belgium:



Incidentally, I always thought that this photo would look good as an impressionist painting. Some photo programs (including the one that I use – GIMP) have “filters” that will supposedly produce this effect, but I have not been able to get it to work.

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onLy LoneLy   1 comment

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onLy LoneLy

only lonely rooted deeply stands firmly …

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Forest   Leave a comment

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Potato Planting- In The Garden With Children   Leave a comment

Originally posted on Cedar Ring Mama:

I know, I know. I know what you all are thinking… I deserve “most inconsistent blogger of the year award”.

Yep! I won’t even go in to the layers of craziness that have been my life lately! But thankfully, circumstances are stabilizing. *Deep sigh*. 

I want to share pictures of the wonderful time we had this weekend, doing one of our favorite things together… playing in the garden!

According to the Biodynamic Planting Calendar, yesterday and today are perfect times for planting root vegetables- and the weather was also incredibly nice.  So we cut some already sprouting potatoes from the root cellar into pieces (I like to make sure there are at least two “eyes” per piece).


And scooped some rich earth into each hole (wheel-barrowed over from behind the chicken coop, where the coop bedding from last year has been composting for months)- to ensure the potatoes have all…

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What’s Her Story: Small-Town Shop Owner Uses Integrated Marketing to Tell Her Tale, Grow Her Business   Leave a comment


A wonderful small business…

Originally posted on StoryCroft:

Helene Singer Cash, Crystal Couture, Lebanon, Tennessee, TN, town square, small town, boutique, internet, marketing, Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, fashions, shoes, accessories, nashville

Helene Singer Cash

Helene Singer Cash lost her shop space in 2010 when a flood devastated much of Nashville, Tenn. She reopened 30 miles to the east, on the old town square of Lebanon, population 25,000 (slideshow below). Since then, Crystal Couture – where Singer Cash sells trendy women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories – has grown so much that she’s moving into a space more than three times the size and just a couple doors over. Singer Cash says the key to her success has been a marketing approach that mixes traditional methods, small-town hustle, the Internet and social media.

You’re a small business in a small town. Do people ever ask what you’re doing on the Internet and Facebook?

Oh, all the time. People always ask me, why are you trying to talk to people everywhere, and I say because I want to sell to people everywhere. The Internet has…

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