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Macon Music: A Must Hear   6 comments

Macon is a star on the musical world map. The varied venues and genres of musical talent is a magnet for both local and touring artists.


Roasted- Cafe and Lounge featured Christopher Bell opening for Trendlenburg Band.


Christopher Bell Bell belted out lyrics with soulful ease.



Christopher Bell: Flatters the ears



Christopher Bell: Making music



Christopher Bell: Macon, GA


When Christopher Bell comes to town be sure to listen! For more information visit:


Trendlenburg Band  consists of four local musicians with a shared love of entertaining via music.


Justin Cutway is lead vocal and guitars.   Trendlenburg Band:Justin Cutway


Chris Nyland is lead guitar and backup vocals.  Trendlenburg Band:Chris Nyland



Shawn Williamson plays bass.  Trendlenburg Band:Justin Smith on drums


Also above, please note Justin Smith on drums and backup vocals. I find it hard to get a great photo of drummers in general.


Trendlenburg Band: Justin Cutway lovin' music



Trendlenburg Band in Macon, GA



Trendlenburg Band:Roasted-Cafe and Lounge Macon GA




Justin Cutway with Trendlenburg Band: Hair Funky   Hair Gone Wild




Local Macon Musicians: Trendlenburg Band




Rockin' with Trendlenburg Band in Macon GA




Justin Cutway & Shawn Williamson of Trendlenburg Band 2013   Trendlenburg Bands has us moving!



Trendlenburg Band rockin a Friday  The musical talent kept us all happy on a Macon Friday night!

Thanks to Chris @ Roasted-Cafe and Lounge for great service with a packed out venue.



Enjoy your day!




Thankful Friends: Thanksgiving 2012   39 comments

To all those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all are still eating tasty left-overs.

Our small family of five will never forget Thanksgiving 2012!

Before I get to the always delightful Lucca photos let me share a few fall photos from our yard.



Now for precious, Lucca…

Lucca has an extensive marble collection.



Lucca is helping repair a lost track from her toy earth mover.





The next pic is of Uncle Andy cover monster!











Shortly after discovering Uncle Andy, it is time for a nap.


While she slept I could not resist the sweet angel face pics a few silly posed photos!




I hope everyone gets time to take a nap!

Enjoy your day!














’42’ : A movie in the making with Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman   5 comments

How exciting being privy to a movie shot set in the 1940’s in downtown Macon, GA!
















The movie ’42’ starring Harrison Ford portraying Branch Rickey. The man who helped Jackie Robinson break not only sports history but help tear down racial barriers in America. The actor portraying Jackie Robinson is Chadwick Boseman.



I return the next afternoon to see if I could catch some of the filming. I get a thumbs up from one of the actors.





I am lucky enough to capture several photos of Chadwick Boseman portraying Jackie Robinson!














So I could no resist having a friend snap a pic of me with one of my favorite cars from the movie scenes filmed in downtown Macon, GA.










The movie ’42’ is set to open at the box offices next April.


Enjoy your day!



Hothouse Lizard   4 comments

The green house is a haven for lizards during certain hours of the day.





Enjoy your day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2012   Leave a comment

Thank you to Susan and Paul for a delightful St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  

Wonderful friends mixed with tasty food and soulful music equals a great party.       

And a grand time was had by all!

Enjoy your day!

Fireside Sunday Dinner   Leave a comment

Ummmm…Sunday dinner. What’s it going to be? Let’s start with a recipe from ” Joy Of Cooking” page 583. My version of the casserole-roasted chicken with forty cloves of garlic satisfied all four of us. This is a picture of a new recipe to me for red and sweet potato au gratin.   The foiled covered pan below is the garlic roasted chicken.

I round the meal out by opening some garden grown and canned peanut beans from my Mom’s garden and a bunch of sautéed spinach and buttered bread complete the meal. The fire is a nice addition to the lovely aromas wafting from the kitchen.

A fun evening indeed!




Mag Tard in April 2011   Leave a comment

 In April 2011, we went to see our friends band. Mag Tard is the band’s name.  

I am sure if you live in and around Macon, you have heard these guys perform.














Silly is as silly does…   1 comment

Ask anyone. I am a silly person. Now enjoy laughing at me being silly while attempting to help a friend out with a new endeavor.

 Silly is good. Celebrate the silly! Have a great weekend! By the way, none of the above photos helped my friends project, but I had fun! Much love, Anna

Layered Art   Leave a comment

Thank you to The 567 and The Blue Indian for a delightful evening with three move your body bands. The evenings opening band The Deep, Dark Woods faintly reminded me of  listening to local mountain music as a youngster. But The Deep, Dark Woods sounds with a soul funk undertone and the grit of indie rock made modernised my mountain/bluegrass roots and brought me to my feet to boogie.


I forgot to have a photo snapped of myself opening night of “Threads of Art” so below I am proudly showing off a quilt made for a dear friend, Lucca.


The next photo is me explaining how proud I am of Lucca. I think I look like a teacher excited about someone asking a question.

The second band Matrimony has played in Macon before and brought the same energy and creative style with a sense of real-time spent together that develops with connecting on musical levels most of us will enjoy in life, but few have the joy of  the experience. The fact that three members of the band are siblings and one is married to an other band member helps me understand the depths of communication on stage.

The photo above is Matrimony getting the stage set for body moving sounds. The next pic is Ashley talking to one of her brothers. Her husband is the dude in the red tank in the pic above.

The next pic is Ashley of Matrimony singing solo.     The following photo is the setting up for The Kopecky Family Band.

The Kopecky Family Band @ The 567 in Macon Ga

Almost ready to get my groove on again…


The great time was had by all! Thank you to The 567 and The Blue Indian for providing downtown Macon with some Thursday night fun!



































Livin’ on Love   4 comments


With a phone call, I have two tickets for the Allan Jackson concert starting at 7:30 tonight at The Macon Centreplex Colliseum. Thanks to Terrell with SoChi Services, the evening’s entertainment is free! Wow!

Excitement makes me forgetful. I neglect to get a good photo of my red boots with my dance partner.

Second to Garth Brooks, Allan Jackson dominated the country music charts throughout the 1990’s.  Allan Jackson’s honky-tonk roots helped inject his unique style  into the standard country music. He adds a modern flare to his music that earns him 20 #1 hits, as well as, 20 Top Ten hits in the span of a mere twelve years.

Allan Jackson’s popularity is as strong today as in the 9o’s, especially in middle GA.

We manuever through traffic and find a parking space.

We get our wristbands for drinks before finding our seats. The seats are awesome with a great view of the stage and room to dance.

And dance, I did!



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