Color Splashes: Art from Art   36 comments

The painted chair is curing rapidly with the warm weather. Surveying the area I soon start finding the accidental art created from my project.

Art by accident:In color This is one of my favorite chair project by-product! The sun came out with perfect timing to capture the shadows from the grass blades.



Nature Painted Brightly

Paint splattered fun


Winter leaves in color  Layers of various paints make a beautiful fallen leaf brilliantly fun!


Colored by Art



Tiny Art: Big Color    I really like this small art piece!


Grounded Art with a Nut  Art on earth makes for great photos!



Paint Flow


I am still finding bits of art unexpected and have painted many leaves on this sunny January day. I am not sure what I will do with them other than enjoying the experience.


Enjoy your day!


36 responses to “Color Splashes: Art from Art

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  1. Love!!! especially the acorn, brilliant by product!

  2. I love the mixture of nature and art! The colors are a diversion from the usual brown tones, this blog keeps up to its name. Well done :)

  3. We are loving your creations! Do all growing things have to worry about what will greet them each morning? :D

    • Hahaha! Thank you guys for checking out my blog again!

      And no most plants wonder what kind of magic I will produce for a happier life:)

      The plants that gained paint color had to be happy in the sun.
      Take care, Anna

  4. Really nice work. :-)

  5. Very abstract. Pretty cool. Nice pics of it all.

  6. Such beautiful, unexpected works of art.

  7. That was so flippin cool!!!

  8. Enjoying the experience is a good start. Love the colors dripping in nature.

  9. Thanks for the follow! I had to come check out your site. Very vivid colors. I like the concept of “accidental art.” Keep it up.

  10. Lovely work! thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not nearly as creative as you are! I guess as as nurse I was created to be more left- than right-brained. Ha.

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  12. Unintentional art…wonderful.

  13. Love these photos. Something very new and refreshing I just saw. What an idea !

  14. Just added these Stumbleupon :)

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  16. wow… what a great co-incidence….. I went for a walk few minutes ago and since this place is a desert, I got a dried up bush (looked interesting) thinking about splashing with different colors of paint for decoration. Love this!!! super colorful…..

    • Great idea! I have found tumble weed from the ocean in hues of yellow, purple and blue. It would make a wonderful contrast to your surroundings with the nice colors. Glad you like my photos of paint on plants:) Take care, Anna

  17. What a wonderful surprise of colors and shapes when I clicked on this! Love it.

  18. Thanks for the like and for following my blog. I like the idea of “accidental art”!

  19. thanks for the visit … don’t take this wrong but no harm done to plants soil etc. right? sorry, the colours are great … but

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