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As with most of my ideas/projects there is rarely an enforced timeline for completion. I started this painting project in December 2011.

Painted Wooden Fire Chair

I finished the majority of the painting this week.


Chainsaw Chair We use a large section from a fallen oak tree to cut the main body of the chair.


Fire Circle Wooden Chair The chair topper adds neat detail.


Paint layer on wooden chair  Day 1 of Chair Splash



Day 1 Paint Fun  Day 1 Bright Paint on Wood


Day 1 Blended Color  Day 2 Paint Fun


Day 2 Colorful Chair  Day 2 My Hand Print


Day 2 Rear Painted View  Day 2 Paint Lover


Now for some random fun paint shots.  Day 2 The Paint Falls


Day 2 Painted Scream on Chair    Day 2 Painted Groove with Texture

The most difficult part of this painting was keeping my hands clean as to not paint my camera during the two days of painting. I used all old paints that would have ended up in the landfill to brighten up our backyard!


Enjoy your day!

27 responses to “Art Outdoors: Paint Fun

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  1. Reblogged this on Ralphie´s Portal and commented:
    Lovely artwork, congrats!

  2. Wow. not jyour average chair anymore.

  3. This is really cool! And looks like it was a lot of fun to do. I love seeing the progression!!

    • Thank you! You are right. It was a great paint/photo project that needed to be finished before it became compost. My next post will be photos of the art aftermath…such as paint splattered leaves and acorn and lots of other neat pics. Thanks again for the visit! Take care, Anna

  4. How cool is that! Now for a picture of someone on it to get an idea of the scale.

    Barbara Backer-Gray
  5. Love this idea, may steal it this summer! :)

  6. Very funky!
    I like the colour and texture!
    Turned out great!

  7. Wonderful, just wonderful !

    This post (almost) inspires me to go take my old (probably dried up by now) paints out of the garage and create .

  8. Beautiful paint job. Love your chair.

  9. That’s a pretty cool idea

  10. I love your eye for color and the unexpected! I’m nominating you for The Gargie Award….stop by my blog accepting-the-gargie-award to pick up your award and share………

  11. Lucky you, I’m not allowed to have a chain saw – probably just as well. Love the chair.

  12. Awesome picture! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  13. That is so creative of you. I am amazed ! wow I am loving wordpress, such beautiful things to see everyday !

  14. wow! what a piece of work!! great work..

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