Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree   28 comments

Since the candy canes melted all over our tree decorations back in 1997, we haven’t bothered with a  Christmas tree. On a whim, we decided to put up our own Charlie Brown kind of tree last Thursday.


Our GA pine Charlie Brown Christmas tree

We cleaned out a corner of the living room and went to find the perfect tree. The perfect tree is the first one I saw. Easy! After finding a tall and wide vase and round stones to stabilize the tree, we begin to rummage around the house for the tree decor. We find cardboard and foil for the star and man in the moon and use three bits of foil to create round ornaments using paper clips to hang them with care. Large gaudy earrings make great light weight sparkle. I find sewing notions in red and gold to drape on the tree. Some saved silver ribbon gift packaging works great for tinsel. The tree skirt is an unfinished quilt piece. We also found three small ribbon and a few bits of fake holly leaves and berries to add to the tree.


An on the fly Charlie Brown Christmas tree


Otis under the Charlie brown xmas tree


Otis is proud of his first Christmas with us!


A hound dog under the xmas tree  This is our ‘dog chair'; we don’t care how it looks.


I decided to make some paper candy canes for our little Charlie Brown tree.


Alvin and our Charlie Brown xmas tree with the Tink


Enjoy your day!



28 responses to “Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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  1. Love your Christmas tree! Reminds me of the days my sons and I made our own Christmas decorations. Have a joyful Christmas with your family and friends.

  2. Merry Christmas! Best wishes~* for the holiday season.

  3. What a lovely tree – so delicate :)
    Merry Christmas!

  4. It’s not the size or the elaborateness of the tree that matters … Merry Christmas to you and yours … and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Have a Enjoyable Christmas with your family and friends….

  6. Beautiful tree, Hope you had a great Christmas.

  7. I always loved Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, and yours is just as perfect as his. I hope you’re enjoying the season, Anna!

  8. Good idea! Nice images…really Christmasy

  9. It looks fabulous, simple, cheerful, environmental-friendly. We’ve been doing the same for over a decade, getting a large branch from a wild olive tree that grew spontanously at the end of the garden. Once it’s decorated it looks nice and cheerful, it makes the house feel warm and welcoming without depleting natural resources. Yours looks perfect.

  10. Love it! Small, simple decorations are much nicer than big gaudy ones. ;)

  11. Love your Christmas tree !

    About 20 years ago the wife and I were spending Xmas on our sailboat where we had a tiny potted pine tree – about a foot tall, including the pot.

    We could not bring ourselves to discard the tree after the holidays, so we planted it in our garden. The trunk of the tree is now over a foot in diameter.

    Happy Holidays, and have a good 2013.

  12. That’s a lovely tree! And your dogs are beautiful! :-)

  13. lol my family did the same thing last year , had one of these tiny trees in a pot in the garden so we got that and covered it in necklaces and jewlery because we were too broke for a proper xmas :P
    And by the way , thank you for liking my art and folowing my blog , have lots more words photos drawings and paintings to come :] xxx love and light

  14. A dog chair, every home should have one :)

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