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Macon is warm for this time of year. Yesterday I found plenty of great photo ops.

Tree frogs in elephant ear plant

Cold will soon be here. While cutting back the elephant ear plants, I find a couple of tree frogs enjoying the last of the sunny weather.


Green tree frog

Tree frogs are common in this area. I still get excited to discover them!


Treefrog with yellow spots


After cutting back the large leaves of the elephant ear plant, I smell an unpleasant odor. Not wanting to step in poo, I scan the ground for the offending odor.


A Stinkhorn Mushroom


Instead of poo, I find a variety of a stinkhorn mushroom. The mushrooms excrete a stinkhorn slime for the attraction of flies.


Stinkhorn Mushroom











A large female praying mantis sits on a twig for a photo session.


Female Praying Mantis

Relax with a female praying mantis


Chillin' Praying Mantis


Sunning Praying Mantis

After harassing the poor female praying mantis, I finish my pics for the day on a sweet note.


Pink rose in the spotlight


Enjoy your day!




50 responses to “Outside Friday

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  1. Great photos!!…first time seeing this type of frog and that mushroom’s really eye opening,never imagined such a mushroom existed. Makes me think of that corpse flower plant which I think only blooms once a year and yes literally smells of something dead…we had a large one here on display this past year but I chose not to smell it XD.

  2. Such enjoyable photos and beuatiful color of the tree frogs. And I liked the info about the mushroom. My mushroom knowledge is extremely limited but now I know this one and I will remember what you wrote and the info with the photos.

  3. Great photos ~ love the Tree frogs.

  4. What fantastic photo/stories. Living each moment helps, doesn’t it. Thank you for following my blog.

  5. Love all of these. That mushroom is just wild, and the mantis totally looks like she’s posing. Also, the tree frogs are lovely. The variety that live around here aren’t nearly so bright. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice job. Photos and captions.

  7. Cool mushroom! I didn’t even know they existed. I also loved the praying mantis photos!

    The Orchestra Director's Wife
    • Thanks! I discovered these smelly beauties about 4 years ago. My husband made the mistake of plucking before sniffing:( Note: Do not touch! I am drawn to the praying mantis. Thanks again for checking out my blog! Take care, Anna

  8. The pictures of the mantis are amazing.

  9. That’s the most personable-looking insect I’ve ever seen!

  10. Wonderful shots of your garden inhabitants.

  11. LOVE the froggies!! Just lovely, all the images.

  12. After viewing your photos, I see we share an interest in the smallest details. To me, it is in detail that magic resides.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I look forward to following your progress, too. :)

  13. Amazing photos…love the detail in the close ups!

  14. Wow! Each picture is precious. Frogs are great! I loved those mushrooms. They look stinky but fascinating. And I am a big fan of preying mantis. She’s lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Really lovely collection of pictures, makes me want to get up and outside right now! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Nice! The Mantis looks drunk!! Good captures — great low shots….

  17. Thanks for the like on my post and for following :) Are you sure the Praying Mantis was just not recovering from a heavy night?

  18. Love those little tree frogs!

  19. Great photos! Those mushrooms are crazy!

  20. What a beautiful thing nature is right? You have captured some of her charm here perfectly. Thank you for sharing :) I also noticed that you have followed my blog – thank you very much. I hope we get to become better acquainted & friends even :)

  21. Great pics. Those tree frogs are just sooo cute. Stinkhorn – not so much :D

  22. Love the little beasties, especially the tree frogs. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thanks for liking my “Famous Last Recipes” post & becoming a follower. I enjoy your photographic journal, too.

  24. Glad you liked the eggplant post on http://growsoeasyorganic.com – btw you praying mantis looks like she had a few too many bug-tinis! Great photos.

  25. The tree frog is beautiful! Thanks for the like.

  26. thanks for LIKEing my blog so I could discover yours! NICE!

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