Do Onions Make You Cry?   30 comments

Me just being me has all manner of experiments in various stages in my house and in our garden as well. Meet Mr. Onion Face!







So after 10 days of having my Mr. Onion Face on the counter, it was time to take farewell photos before the trip to the compost bin. Plus the gnats and smell is not very appealing.




The rotting tomatoes adds a little flair to the picture.






Time for the next phase for Mr. Onion Face. Let me introduce you to Seymour, our compost bin. Goodbye, dear friend.




Enjoy your day!

30 responses to “Do Onions Make You Cry?

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  1. Poor Mr Onion Face. He’ll make wonderful compost though!

  2. Yikes, scary Mr Onion face – Seymour will make it all better though :-)

  3. yeah Mr. Onion face CAN make people cry …

  4. Cute post. Looks like some veggie things that came out of my fridge. Onions make my eyes water and I also gets dizzy. I found a fairly good solution via newspaper or whatever- peel the onion under runniing water and that helps reduce the allergic reactions.

  5. Mr onion scaresme but I love the complex brain that came up with this…zynkin wants more

  6. That’s one crazy onion! Did that occur naturally?
    Thanks for the ‘like’ too!.

  7. Mr Onion Face was having the same experience as John Hurt in Alien, perhaps.

  8. Love the photography! :)

  9. I enjoyed reading your posts! Looks like lots of garden adventures.

  10. This is one of the loveliest places :) I am nominating You for the Beautiful Blogger Award

  11. :) :) this post has made me smile :)

  12. Oh, my gosh, I’ve never seen an onion quite like that! Funny. He’d look good beside my jack-o-lanterns in my compost pile. Thanks for liking my post today!

  13. Nice close up of your onion that has seen better days. Looks like produce that I remove from the crisper drawers in my fridge. The good thing is that the gone to waste stuff is still going to be beneficial if thrown in the compost bin.

  14. Oh I think he’s just as nature intended him to be! Lovely and now compost. I’ve had a few of my own creations!

  15. Interesting photos: like images of aliens bursting forth from a body they’ve invaded. Gives me some ideas for similar photos of my own. Cheers!

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