Carrots with Personality   39 comments

We love carrots!

In addition to the health benefits of carrots, they also dazzle me. The carrots above look to be dancing under water.




Purple carrots are a garden novelty and taste great.


Lucca is a great little helper!







I found another neat carrot combo.




We have a few more carrots in the garden. I hope they bond before I harvest.


Enjoy your day!

39 responses to “Carrots with Personality

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  1. He he, they certainly have personality ;-)

  2. Carrots, yum! Love your double carrot doing the dance of love (my grandmother would have said they were “joined at the hip”) and your second” disco dancer carrot. Lucca looks like a sweetie…

  3. You’ve certainly shown a different side to the ordinary carrot. I love the one in the glass – like a ballerina or gymnast swirling ribbons. :)

  4. I really like the last carrot….it looks like a pregnant woman with long hair dancing. Very cools pics.

  5. As much as I love carrots I don’t think I could eat these ones :-)

  6. Yes, these carrots seem to have a talent for the gestic arts.

  7. My carrots are just sprouting – I hope I get one like the lady putting out her arm saying “talk to the hand” (or that’s what the last one looks like to me). I’ve only planted boring old orange carrots this year but next year I might try the purple ones. They’re lovely but I was disappointed that they tasted so carroty. With that spectacular appearance I expected something uber-carroty I suppose.

    • Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I thin my carrots very sparingly in hope of finding a hidden treasure when I harvest them:) I eat only carrots that I grow as I have read that carrots are used as crop to absorb impurities from the soil. Best of luck with your next batch carrots. Take care, Anna

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  9. Purple carrots! I will now have to “look” for some at my local grocery store.

  10. Purple carrots are closest to heritage carrots. Hybridizing for sweeter resulted in orange.

  11. How cool! I never thought of how diverse carrots could be. Love the shot with Lucca. Thank you so much for checking out and following Travel Oops! Steph

  12. These are really nice “poses!” Almost makes you NOT want to eat them! Thanks for the follow too!

  13. Dancing carrots 4 a ‘dancing heart’ :) Great harvest 0

  14. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog. I hope to sustain your interest :) Keep dancing! haha

  15. Brilliant!

  16. cuuuuute … like dancing stick men

  17. I often look to nature for color inspiration and those purple carrots are fabulous! With the green tops! Wow. And that underwater carrot has so much movement…fun to imagine a carrot dance. Thanks for these great pics.

  18. Hi! Thanks for stopping by anf following my blog – hope you’ll enjoy my stuff! FATman

  19. When I had my garden in Colorado it was fun to harvest the carrots. The shapes they can contort into is… amusing. And the ruby carrots are just so da*n pretty!

  20. I’d say some of these carrots have an attitude problem ;)

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