October: National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!   21 comments


You have the power to save lives. Rescue a dog or cat from your local animal shelter! Please! Take care, Anna

Originally posted on Dog Tales:

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has designated October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. More than three million dogs are currently in shelters across the United States and are in need of a good home. The month-long observance encourages animal lovers all across the nation to raise awareness about the positive aspects of adopting a pet from a shelter. If you’re considering adopting a shelter dog, it’s important to educate yourself. I am going to post links to other on-line sources on how and why to adopt a shelter dog that have been very helpful to other people seeking a furry friend. 

First, is a dog right for you? Is is important to know the responsibility you are taking on when thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter. Its important to know that after you welcome in your dog, your daily routine will…

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Posted October 17, 2012 by theimaginationmuscle in my photos

21 responses to “October: National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

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  1. This is such a worthy post. I wish there were enough people to adopt all of the shelter dogs and cats. Sadly, our country is way behind re: animal rights and welfare. People that have money are not willing to put any money out in places that would clearly benefit from mobile spay/neuter, and vaccination clinics that could go places that are so over populated by dogs and cats. It distresses me a lot. So much to do with so little means. SAD,SAD,SAD!!!

  2. I have had 4 dogs and all have been rescued and each gave years of laughter, fun, and buddy-ship :). Cooper is our current family member – a Lab mixed with perhaps Boxer, he is highly intelligent and responsive, gentle and he has made it his mission that we will not stagnate in front of the computer but WILL get out and DO something.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. We have four dogs, and two of them are rescues. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Wonderful animals. :-)

  4. Just returning your visit, and I thought I’d add, shelter dogs are the best. I’ve always adopted from a shelter. Our current best friend is Rupert we saved him from a shelter that was going to close.

  5. Such a cute puppy picture!!!

  6. nice picture.

  7. Thank you for spreading the word. I am a “boxer” girl and all my boxer friends, currently two, have been rescued. I am convinced dogs know when they are saved and repay us in more love and kindness I will ever able to give back. Really enjoyed your vegetables shots!

  8. There are plenty of wonderful dogs in shelter. When I volunteered at my city shelter, I found that so many are already housetrained and were someone’s pet before they ended up there. I had two dogs when I started walking dogs there and now I have four, two of them from that very shelter. All my dogs are rescue dogs and I am glad they are in my life. I love them all. Thanks for the post to get the word out.

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