Vapourer Moth: A Bright Male Caterpillar   28 comments

Yesterday I saw my first vapourer male moth hanging out on a rose-bush.


I think this is the ‘peacock’ of all male caterpillars that I have seen in my life to date.



A warning about the pretty vapourer moth is do not touch to your skin. The hairs can cause mild irritation to most people.


Nature never fails to amaze me.



Enjoy your day!


28 responses to “Vapourer Moth: A Bright Male Caterpillar

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  1. I want a micro lens so badly! These pics are beautiful

    Barbara Backer-Gray
  2. a very close up

  3. Ms. Muscle,
    I had to toss you a nomination for the Family of Bloggers Award. Thanks for becoming a new follower (here’s your welcome prize).

    • Hey there:) I am just over a year into the blog world so am not sure what you are refering to with the ‘Family of Bloggers Award’. I enjoy your blog and am happy you like my photos and my limited words. Take care, Anna

  4. Reblogged this on pindanpost.

  5. What a strange and beautiful creature. Wonderful shots.

  6. Stunning photographs!

  7. extraordinary photos!

  8. Amazing little alien lifeform!

  9. very beautiful pictures wish I could take that kind of lovely pictures! :)

  10. nice shots! great DOF! thank you for swinging by my blog! All the best :)

  11. Beautiful (both the shots and the caterpillar)!!

  12. Awesome images.

  13. Oh WOW! what a beautiful caterpillar. Impressive. Amazing photos!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  14. i think caterpillars look adorable; unfortunately i am allergic to them. so no touchy touchy or even getting close.

  15. Hi Anna, What fabulous photos of a fabulous creature! Beautiful! Dana

  16. beautiful

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