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Sweet Plumeria   4 comments

I have been waiting for three and a half years for to see my plumeria tree blossom!


I bought a couple of plumeria tree cutting and five  plumeria seeds back from a trip to Oahu in March 2009.  Only one seed grew into a tree. The same with the tree cuttings.








I think both trees will flower this year.


Enjoy your day!



Hothouse Lizard   4 comments

The green house is a haven for lizards during certain hours of the day.





Enjoy your day!



Bug Play in the Garden   2 comments

While the neighbors are on vacation their garden grows. I have enjoyed the various sights and sweet tasty delights from helping tend the gardens over the past few weeks.

Enjoy your day

Now The Lizard   2 comments






The lizard posed for me so enjoy the pics.


Enjoy your day!

New Potatoes   6 comments

Yay new potatoes!!!

After fretting over the health of our first potato crop, I found about ten pounds of potatoes beneath the soil.  I am so proud to harvest our own potato crop. The second planting of potatoes will be equally exciting.

Enjoy your day!

Walk On Wednesday   Leave a comment

So many photos with not enough time to capture each.


The produce from the garden makes me smile. I love the green bean with purple stripes! A little bean cross-pollination happened.






Enjoy your day!


Bugs, Blossoms and Butterflies   2 comments

  Blueberries are in high demand among all us around the patch.






Our butterfly bush is a favorite plant in the yard.












Garden Delights   Leave a comment

Our garden is hard at work!


  The summer medley of squash is bursting with blossoms. In a week or less we will be dining on grilled squash!



The cucumbers are making tiny cukes. 


  The grasshopper is one of my many little garden friends.



  The beans taste better than they look!



Enjoy your day!

A Color Filled Life: Lizards   Leave a comment

Lizards of all shapes and sizes cross my path daily.  Occasionally a brave lizard will venture into our house. Most often I see them in the gardens and around the watering holes.





Lizards help control the insect population. I think the lizard in the pics above was just out for some sunshine.


Enjoy your day!



Ladybug & Butterfly   4 comments

Nature is all around us.


The morning rain waters our young poplar tree and the lady bug.



The white butterfly is beautiful.






Enjoy your day!



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