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Compost Bin: Real Simple   2 comments

Take four wooden pallets untreated of equal dimensions and twelve drywall screws. Bam!


  It is that simple.



  With our first pallet compost bin almost full, we may make a second bin.




Blackberries have been a diet staple since childhood. 


The purple queen beans have a lovely blossom.



The two sweet potatoes that made slips from last fall’s crop are healthy.


Enjoy your day!

Garden with Butterfly   Leave a comment

The garden tea is well received by all the garden occupants plus a beautiful butterfly.

I have a bin of ash from our fireplace that I hope will act as an organic repellant to snails and cut worms. I also have hot pepper wax spray to ward off irritant bugs to the vegetables leaves.

The butterfly in the picture is a patient beauty.



Enjoy your day!

Yesterday’s Pics   Leave a comment

For me gardening is therapy as much as it is a gamble.


The bucket of garden tea is a first for me. My interest in building bat boxes is growing. After 24 hours, the guano tea is ready to serve.


The pattern on the wings show nature’s attention to the details.



The pattern on the wings of the dragonfly are simply outstanding.



Enjoy your day!




Thorns & Flowers   3 comments

   I found a pretty pic while taking a break from rock-work.

The flower is dainty and fragile in blossom but has a omninious thorny stalk to protect its beautiful diginity from the elements.

Enjoy your day!

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Flagstone Flooring: Rock Fun   5 comments

Yesterday we began laying a flagstone floor for a client on her new screened in porch and small greenhouse.

With the two of us we in two days time and only ten hours are almost complete. I love stone work.

Enjoy your day!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider   3 comments

A big thanks to spider patrol!

Enjoy your day!

Discover Daily: Nature   3 comments

 The towering mulberry tree in our front yard provides for various local animal’s daily nutrition. The photo above is of mulberries awaiting ripening.

    I have found that the fallen berries found lying in the grass are far more tasty than picking from the mulberry tree.

Enjoy your day!

Welcome Home Brandi: Eight is Enough   10 comments

It is no secret that I love dogs.  Our  youngest boy Otis is happy to greet Brandi before the other six dogs get to make her acquaintance.

Brandi is ready to play chase with Otis.

Brandi is a terrific young pup!


Enjoy your day!

Outside Monday   8 comments

I love our garden. Our second planting of green beans and potatoes are popping out of the ground.

People say that rhubarb will not grow here due to the lack of a cold winter. I will hope for the best! 

The first tomato must have grown overnight. 

Now for some flowers and critter pics. 

I think I scared this fella.  

The rescued dwarf Japanese maple continues to amaze us. I am so glad we saved this 34-year-old tree.

One of my favorite trees is our young rescue tulip poplar. 

Can you find the butterfly?

Enjoy your day!

Fragile Wings: First Fly   6 comments

Who doesn’t love to watch baby birds feed and practice flying?

       We startled two darling fledgling birds from their cozy nest in our workshop to their first flight early this morning.



Enjoy your day!


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