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Old Brick & A Hot Chick: Say Cheese   Leave a comment

I am normally the person taking the pictures. Today I switched roles with Andy and tried to look cool in some pictures.  Yep. That’s one of my ‘cool’ looks.      

Okay…so I started having fun being in front of the camera for a change!   Only a few more photos of me expressing myself.    


Karaoke: Virgin No More   Leave a comment

A gathering of old friends celebrating a birthday, a few drinks and a karaoke room, I found myself belting out Journey tunes. 

About eight of us of were tucked away in a room far from the rest of the eatery. The room’s decor was the perfect backdrop for the evening fun.


This is a picture of the lovely birthday girl with her sweetie.

Next up is Kelly. This woman is awesome!   



  We rocked the house. Happy birthday to Traci!

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Off the beaten path:Sprewell Bluff State Park   2 comments

If you live in Central Georgia area, I hope Sprewell Bluff State Park is on your list of weekend adventures. 

We moved to middle Georgia in late 2003. Since spring of 2004, we have made the trek well over twenty times to the park. The mere five dollar parking  is no skin off my nose. The scenery along the route is worthy enough for a Sunday drive with the family.    On the way to the river and park, peach orchards grow for miles. The next photo is the machine that removes offending peach trees, whether from storm damage or disease, this will uproot a peach tree without hesitation.

Small towns like Yatesville, Georgia offer great photo opportunities and friendly waves from the locals is a given.

Many history lessons exist only a few feet away from the path of black top that take you to the park.


The next pic I shot in Thomaston is in sharp contrast to the earlier pictures.    So once we are through Thomaston, Georgia, the State park is but a few miles up the road.

I am excited about every time we make a trip to the Flint River. Y’all know my fascination of rocks. The Flint flowth over in rocks much to my childish delight!

I have the five dollars ready to deposit into the self-pay station. We are barely parked and I am in the river.

 The look on my face shows the seriousness of my fun time.

   After three hours of playing with rocks in the river, I still was hesitant to leave.  



      We spend three or four hours playing by the water. On the way home we play with the camera and snap pics in old structures with random images that caught my eye.


  I have to add a goofy pic or two.


Thank you photos: Just smile   Leave a comment

Yesterday I ate two divine and bountiful Thanksgiving meals in less than four hours. I surprised myself.  


The pie above is just one of many desserts of the day. The pumpkin cheesecake that Ashley made was out of this world! No photos due to entire consumption.


The next photo made me giggle.

  Smile today and laugh a little too.






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Living in Color   1 comment

Color, color all around from the tops of the trees flitting upon the ground.


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Raining color   2 comments

The ground is a pallete for the mixture of all the bright autumn leaves that have danced their way to the earth.


With today’s rain, I took time to enjoy yesterday’s wonderful weather to grab a few more pictures of natures art.




With the rain soon to arrive, I am sure all the leaves have their dance cards full. I will watch the leaves twirl, blow and whirl to the season’s last dance of color.





Outside is the place for me to listen to the whispering leaves and watch the rain waltz of color spin and flip to the ground. I hope you get a great seat for the show. Enjoy your day!




Oh to be showered in love   3 comments

I attend a lot of baby showers. Yesterday’s baby shower in Atlanta was extra special. Well over a year had passed since our last visit with our expecting friends. They have a lovely four-year old princess who is thrilled about a little brother!       

  All of the food was tasty. The best part to me was feeling all the love emanating from all in attendance and getting to snap photos of gorgeous children and women.       The idea of all the guest painting onesies was brilliant! I had a blast even though my bunny looks like a three year old painted it.      

So now to the gifts and more random photos of adorable kiddies.



Now for the nice women and friends pics. 

After such a full day of friends, family, food and fun, it is time to head back to Macon. We love you guys!

Layered Art   Leave a comment

Thank you to The 567 and The Blue Indian for a delightful evening with three move your body bands. The evenings opening band The Deep, Dark Woods faintly reminded me of  listening to local mountain music as a youngster. But The Deep, Dark Woods sounds with a soul funk undertone and the grit of indie rock made modernised my mountain/bluegrass roots and brought me to my feet to boogie.


I forgot to have a photo snapped of myself opening night of “Threads of Art” so below I am proudly showing off a quilt made for a dear friend, Lucca.


The next photo is me explaining how proud I am of Lucca. I think I look like a teacher excited about someone asking a question.

The second band Matrimony has played in Macon before and brought the same energy and creative style with a sense of real-time spent together that develops with connecting on musical levels most of us will enjoy in life, but few have the joy of  the experience. The fact that three members of the band are siblings and one is married to an other band member helps me understand the depths of communication on stage.

The photo above is Matrimony getting the stage set for body moving sounds. The next pic is Ashley talking to one of her brothers. Her husband is the dude in the red tank in the pic above.

The next pic is Ashley of Matrimony singing solo.     The following photo is the setting up for The Kopecky Family Band.

The Kopecky Family Band @ The 567 in Macon Ga

Almost ready to get my groove on again…


The great time was had by all! Thank you to The 567 and The Blue Indian for providing downtown Macon with some Thursday night fun!



































Fall’s the cat’s ‘meow’ of color   Leave a comment

   With the vibrant color of fall waving in the gentle wind,  I cannot resist the maple leaves performance in the afternoon’s sunlight.

I love maple trees variety and depth of colors just a little more than all other trees during the autumn leaf season.

   The yard does give color other than the tradition colors of the season. I love my roses. The lavender colored rosebud adds a pop of color to the hues of earth scattered in the form of leaves rustling about my feet.

I startle JR from a cat’s nap. Sorry, dude! 

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Textile art show:Threads of Art @ The 567   4 comments





Above are a few photos of my art work photos from the opening night. Below I will show a few of my friend Carolyn Yackel’s brilliance.



Thank you all for showing wonderful support Friday night! Remember The 567 Center for Renewal gallery hours are from 11AM-3PM Wed-Fri and by appointment as well. Have a great day! Thanks go to Melissa Macker for helping get the show ready! The show will be up unto November 25, 2011. Please stop in to check out our work.


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